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    "This website was very useful. Thanks for your help. I just wish that wawalive would expand to many more smaller cities/towns in the US and other countries so that more people can be helped. Thank you!"

        - Sowjanya, wi-US

    Classifieds FAQ :
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    Q1) How can I view my ad?

    Ans) You can login at any time by going to the login link available on our site's classified homepage at any time after you have created your account. Click on the link labeled "My Classifieds".

    Q2) How will visitors see my ad?

    Ans)Visitors can perform a search of the online classifieds throughout our site that results in a list of items meeting their search criteria. If your item meets the search criteria, it will be contained in the search results list. Visitors can click the available link for your item to access the details page.

    Q3) How can I post ad?

    Ans) You can login at any time by going to the login link available on our site's classified homepage at any time after you have created your account. Click on the link labeled "Post Ad". After login into your account then only you can post ad otherwise you cant post ad.

    Q4) When will I get the email for my ad?

    Ans) Email messages about your free classified ad will be delivered to your specified email address when you post ad.. The email you provide during the registration process must be a valid email address that you have access to from your computer.

    Q5) How do I prevent email from going into a "bulk/spam/junk mail" folder?

    Ans) Many email programs have a built-in filter that automatically blocks messages from any sender whose email address is not in the recipient's address book or Safe Sender list.To ensure that your classified advertisement messages arrive in your INBOX safely, please add the domain wawalive.net to your email address book or Safe Sender list. If you do not receive your Free mail messages, please check your spam or bulk email folder to ensure that email has not been delivered there instead of your inbox. If you do find any email from us, select the message and mark it Not Spam. This should allow future messages to get through to your INBOX. Please contact your ISP or E-mail provider for further assistance in adding wawalive.net to your save sender's list.

    Q6) What kind of image format do I need?

    Ans) We accept most fixed-format image files, including, but not limited to, the following file Types: .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, and .tif. Please make sure that your photo files are available on your computer and that they are named with the appropriate file type extension. For example; myphoto.jpg.

    Q7) Are there restrictions for the size of my photos?

    Ans) Photos are automatically resized to a standard size and resolution for display when you load them into the ad. Your images should be no smaller than 400 pixels wide. Most digital cameras available today produce images that are larger than this minimum size. Note that many digital cameras capture images that may be several megabytes in size. Larger images may be extremely slow to upload for users with dial-up or slower connections. We suggest that your image files should be reduced to 1 megabyte or less, and they should be reduced in size to less than 1024 pixels x 1024 pixels. Reducing the upload size for your photos will ensure that the upload process does not cause a delay in the placement of your advertisement online.

    Q8) How is my privacy protected?

    Ans) All data collected is secured for your protection. Individually identifiable information is never sold nor is it given to others, unless required to do so by legal authorities. Check your user account and the local media company's privacy policy and Terms & Conditions for specific information on your rights as an advertiser.

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